Skating is Living

There is nothing like pushing yourself to the top of a hill and looking down knowing you will soon be travelling much faster than is safe. Going down a big hill is as close to flying under my own power as I'll get.

I love to skate and cover the entire New York City area. Been wearing Salomon skates and just got the five wheelers. I think maybe I should have gone for the K2's. Every Tuesday night I skate around the city with a large group of skaters. The skate leaves at 8:00 p.m. every tuesday night when weather allows from Krispey Kreme donut shop on w. 72nd st. near Columbus ave.
For more information on the Tuesday night skate call 212-774-1774 and press 5.

Contact the Empire Skate Club of New York.

Check out the new K2 skates.

I'm wearing Salomon skates these days.

This is the Netherlands skating page. Be sure to follow the "Don't do this" link.

If you would like to go for a skate in the N.Y.C. area contact me at