Seth's Chile Recipe


If you prefer to substitue beef for the TVP and wheat prepare it this way: Place a pound of ground beef in a pot of water and smash up in your hands until the meat is broken into small pieces. Boil until the meat is brown. Strain before adding to chile.

If you prefer to use chicken prepare it this way: Boil 4 boneless, skinless thigh filets. Allow to cool and shred by tearing along with the grain.

Preparing the chile:

Smash up the tomatoes into a saucepan big enough to hold all the ingredients.

Strain and rinse the beans and add.

Add tomato paste and an equal amount of water. As the chile cooks water will evaporate. Add water as necessary to maintain desired texture.

Dice onion and add. Add garlic using a garlic press.

Slice the green and jalapeno peppers into small pieces and add.

Add salt, pepper and chile powder.

Add TVP and wheat. You may need to add water as these will absorb some. If you are using meat add it now.

Slice mushrooms and add.

Allow to stew over a low flame for at least an hour, the longer the better. If you like really hot chile, like me, you can add more jalapenos or some ground red pepper or hot sauce. Experiment with different ingredients.

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