The Bequest Of A Good Karma

Chapter 8 from "Karma" by Paul Carus.

Pandu carried all his treasures back to Kaushambi, and using with discretion the wealth thus unexpectedly regained, he became richer and more powerful than he had ever been before, and when he was dying at an advanced age he had all his sons, and daughters, and grandchildren gathered round him and said unto them:

"My dear children, do not blame others for your lack of success. Seek the cause of your ills in yourselves. Unless you are blinded by vanity you will discover your fault, and having discovered it you will see the way out of it. The remedy for your ills, too, lies in yourselves. Never let your mental eyes be covered by the dust of selfishness, and remember the words which have proved a talisman in my life:

'Who injureth others,
Himself hurteth sore.
Who others assisteth,
Himself helpeth more.
let th' illusion of self
From your mind disappear:
And you'll find the way sure;
The path will be clear.'

"If you heed my words and obey these injunctions you will, when you die, continue to live in the Good Karma that you have stored up, and your souls will be immortalised according to your deeds."

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