Chapter 10 of the Dhammapada

All beings tremble before danger, all fear death. When a man considers this, he does not kill or cause to kill.

All beings fear before danger, life is dear to all. When a man considers this, he does not kill or cause to kill.

He who for the sake of happiness hurts others who also want happiness, shall not hereafter find happiness.

He who for the sake of happiness does not hurt others who also want happiness, shall hereafter find happiness.

Never speak harsh words, for once spoken they may return to you. Angry words are painful and there may be blows for blows.

If you can be in silent quietness like a broken gong that is silent, you have reached the peace Of NIRVANA and your anger is peace.

Just as a-keeper of cows drives his cows into the fields, old age and death drive living beings far into the fields of death.

When a fool does evil work, he forgets that he is lighting a fire wherein he must burn one day.

He who hurts with his weapons those who are harmless and pure shall soon fall into one of these ten evils: fearful pain or infirmity; loss of limbs or terrible disease; or even madness, the loss of the mind; the king's Persecution; a fearful indictment; the loss of possessions or the loss of relations; or fire from heaven that may burn his house. And when the evil-doer Is no more. then he is reborn in hell.

Neither nakedness, nor entangled hair. nor uncleanliness, nor fasting, nor sleeping on the ground, nor covering the body with ashes, nor ever-squatting, can purify a man who is not pure from doubts and desires.

But although a man may wear fine clothing, if he lives peacefully; and is good, self-possessed, has faith and is pure; and if he does not hurt any living being, he is a holy Brahmin, a hermit of seclusion, a monk called a Bhikkhu.

Is there in this world a man so noble that he ever avoids all blame, even as a noble horse avoids the touch of the whip?

Have fire like a noble horse touched by the whip. By faith, by virtue and energy, by deep contemplation and vision, by wisdom and by right action, you shall overcome the sorrows of life.

Those who make channels for water control the waters: makers of arrows make the arrows straight; carpenters control their timber; and the holy control their soul.